CIGNA Settlement Management

There have been several delays in the CIGNA Settlement proceedings since Judge Davis passed last year.  However, the process is now proceeding in a positive direction.   Thomas Schultz has been appointed as the new arbitrator.  Arbitrator Schultz requested a summary of the settlement to date from both parties.  These filings resulted in several hearings last year.  During the hearings, we requested discovery and proposed a timeline for resolution. 

According to the timeline that MCAG has proposed, all documents and depositions should be gathered and completed by later this summer, with a cumulative hearing in the fall.  Arbitrator Schultz gives all indications that he is very engaged in the proceedings, and shares our interest in resolving the arbitration as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Although major updates are not likely until, perhaps, this summer, there will likely be several hearings and discussions over the next few months.  Thank you for your continued patience.  We realize that the process has been, and continues to be, painfully slow, but MCAG is encouraged that this next round of hearings will propel this matter towards resolution.

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