Unique opportunities.
Optimal returns.


MCAG provides unique opportunities to businesses by offering services that are designed to create revenue for clients from areas that are often missed or unrealized by the general public. Our recovery services allow businesses to capitalize on "found money" at virtually no risk and no out-of-pocket expenditure. These services primarily focus on obtaining proceeds from class action settlements for clients of all types of industries and for healthcare providers via our service that reviews insurance payer reimbursements.

Don't be shut out by fast approaching deadlines for settlements, lost claim payments, and overbilled prescription drug rates. Confusing requirements and claim forms will no longer present a burden. Working with MCAG means you can focus on your business, your employees and/or your patients while we work to maximize recoveries on your behalf.

As a client of MCAG, you receive the benefit of working with a company experienced in class action litigation claim recovery and health plan contract and payment review that understands your need for value, responsiveness, and real expertise. We work with your organization to help you align your business strategies with the realities of the marketplace through the design and implementation of our recovery services.